Friday, January 8, 2016

Game Review: Fallout 4

By Nydia Tungsten (and Brandi Streusel)

 We have all heard the hype on the game Fallout 4, when it was finally released. Everyone called in sick to work just to play this game. Hell, even released a chart showing a major dip in their site traffic for THREE straight days, so I was starting to think just maybe there was something to this game. 

   I received this game as a gift. I had received “Fallout New Vegas” from my brother when he thought it was a multiplayer game, and I wasn’t that impressed with it. So, I wasn’t sure how I would like this one also, but since Freewilly187 gifted a sixty dollars game to me, I felt obligated to try it out.

  When I started to play, I remembered that this is from the same people who made Skyrim and I loved that game. I loved it even more when my dear friend Lomgren bought me the DLC’s for it. “They game so much better with them,” he told me. Well Lom, you were right. Then I found  and I was in heaven.

  So, it was with this kind of hope that I went into Fallout 4 and I was not disappointed. I went in knowing very little about the story line or game play. I will not spoil it for you by going into too many game spoiling details and ruining it for you (I hate it when people do that) so I will just give you my general opinion about the game play and story.

  The story starts with a dark turn as expected, and then takes another dark turn that hits you in the gut like a heavy weight prize fighter. From there, it is an emotional rollercoaster ride that you would expect from an award winning movie writer. You actually connect with your character and most of the NPC’s around you as you journey through the Commonwealth. I beat the main story in less than 4 days because I wanted to see how the main story played out. And again, I was not disappointed. I grabbed hold of it like I would a well written book and I had to know what happens next.

  As of the time of this game I had achieved over eight days of game play, that’s over 192 hours into this game. So yeah… a LOT of time in it and to me, it was worth every second. Personally, I can’t recommend this game enough, but there is a down side to this game that some have found out the hard way. It is a graphics intensive game and a lot of older systems just can’t handle it.

   But don’t despair. I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel for you with older systems. The game hasn’t been out very long and there is already over 5000 mods for it at ( There are a few that turn down the 4K graphics to something more useful for those with older systems, so if you don’t mind lowered graphics, you can still enjoy the game thoroughly.

    The next hurdle is the price. $60USD is a lot of money to pay for a game for most people. I was lucky that someone got it for me, but the game is worth saving every penny in the penny jar for it. I cannot recommend this game enough.

  So, if you haven’t played it yet and enjoy a good book or movie, make sure to avoid this game until you can get it for yourself, and just dive in. If you have Fallout 4, let me know what your thoughts are on it. Or, if you’re planning on getting it, let me know if this was helpful in your decision. Until then, you can find me in the waste land when not in Second Life.

  We’re starting a new year and some great games are coming out. What new games would you like to see me play and write about in the upcoming year? Let me know and I will do my best to get it done for you.
And as always… GOOD GAMING TO YOU!!

Nydia Tungsten


  1. Hey sis love what u say abought fo4 idk if u play sto or wows aka world of warships but wows is fun u should wright abough that

  2. I do play World of Warships and did an article on it just after I started playing