Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Reader Submitted: Game Review - Subnautica, Part Two

By Rita Mariner

(Continued from Part One)

So what is SUBNAUTICA story, besides being stranded on an alien, water plant and having to fight to survive.  You will be collecting resources to make your first set of tools to survive. Once you get your Lifepod repaired.  You will start to receive radio distress messages from other Lifepods.  All of them have a PDA or two, look around outside for a second one.  Some will have Data Box, with a blueprint for a piece of gear you may not have. 

As the story progresses you will visit the first of three Degasi Bases.  It is on a floating island.  You will find you first clue that aliens are possibly involved, as you explore the base(s).  There are three buildings on the island you need to explore.  Watch out for some nasties, they BITE!  Keep your knife handy!  There will ba a lot of stuff to scan as well. Some additional habitat pieces.  Several PDAs are there, you need to find them all, since they will lead you to the next base.

In between running off to the various Lifepods, you need to investigate your local area for any and all fragments you can to build your data base.  You will need to get your Seaglide first. You will then need to find the Mobile Vehicle Bay, so you can build the Seamoth, once you find all the fragments.  The Mobile Vehicle Bay will also build your Cyclops and Neptune Launch Platform. So best to find the fragments as soon as possible, so you can start to collect the needed resources.

While most resources come from limestone, sandstone and later shale rock outcroppings.  Crystals are used to make glass and are found separate.  Lithium can be separate or in Shale. More exotic resources are found much deeper and you will need a fully upgraded Seamoth to even hope to get to them.  You want to start building your habitat as soon as possible, so you can house your resources as you collect them.  You also need to find the fragments and build a Moonpool to house, recharge and later upgrade your Seamoth and Prawn suit.

When I play, I spend a lot of time looking thru the Mushroom Tree Forest, since it has a bunch of fragments waiting to be scanned.  I can find Cyclops, Moonpool and Modification Station fragments.  There are also lots of lithium and shale rock, so you can score some diamonds.  It will take time to find them and you need to watch your depth, plus there is a nasty there, called a Rock Shark that will beat the heck out of your Seamoth, so keep your repair tool handy and charged up. Enough for now.

Rita Mariner

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