Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Game Review: Far Cry Primal

Until recently the Far Cry games have been set in the present day time sequence. This time, Ubisoft – creator of different games , has decided to set the Far Cry game into the Stone Age.
It’s around 10.000 BC, a time when humankind has just began to settle into the world. In these times, it was survival of the fittest that ruled the world back then.
Story and Gameplay
It’s 10.000 BCE and humankind is on the brink of extinction. It’s the end of the Ice Age and the beginning of the Stone Age. To get higher in the food chain, humans need to find a way to conquer the elements and their surroundings and battle against predators and other animals.
In the game you take on the role of Takkar, a caveman warrior, who will do everything to keep his tribe, the Wenja, from getting attacked by the two other tribes. The Wenja, the tribe that Takkar, the main character is part of , are also known as “Soft Bloods”. They have traveled “many suns” prior to arrival at Oros. The Udam are known to be “Flesh Eaters.” This means they are cannibals, because they think it will make them stronger by doing so. The Izila are known as “Sun Walkers”. They are more of a Aztec-like tribe. They worship their High Priestess called “Batari.”
Takkar needs to find materials in the world to craft his own weaponry and he will need to conquer the other two tribes in order to save his tribe from extinction. Not only for weapons he needs to find resources, also for upgrading his village and to get more villains.
Becoming the Beast Master !
During your quests in Far Cry Primal you will encounter many predators like : wolfs, bears, hyenas, sable tooth tigers and other animals that you can tame when you have the skills.
Taming an animal is not so difficult. You just make bait ( made from meat ) and then throw it near the animal. It will come and eat from the bait and then you must slowly ( really slow ) approach the animal and then keep the button pressed that is indicated to tame the beast. Once the circle is full white, you will have tamed the animal in question.
The first animal that you will be able to tame is a white wolf. Once you have that one, you can tame other animals. For the bigger animals, you will need more skills and more experience.
Once you have the sable tooth tiger, other predators will not attack you any longer. There are up to 17 animals to tame in the game. Once you have all of them, you can move on as well. But once you have the sabretooth tiger, it will give you a lot of power to attack enemies.
Gaining experience points in the game
Every animal or enemy you kill will give you experience points.This will allow you to level up and gain skills. With those skills you can do another ability within the game.
Healing yourself and your beasts
When you get hurt in the game there’s a little health bar under the mini-map. When it gets low you are in danger of dying. To help this you can heal yourself by pressing the assigned button or keystroke. You will see Takkar either eat a piece of meat or stretch his fingers or getting an arrow out of his arm. This will get your health bar full again.
Besides that, when you have tamed animals, you can heal them too, by giving them a piece of meat. It will restore their health as well. You can also pet your animal to make it happy again.
Day and Night Cycle
There is a Day and Night sequence in the game. When you choose to sleep, it will ask you till when you want to sleep : until the sun comes up again or when the sun goes down again.
At night, some predators will be more aggressive then when they are in daytime. Be aware of this fact when hunting down animals! This fact makes it harder for Takkar to hunt animals during night time.
Graphical detail and open world
The graphics of the game are really amazingly realistic. In fact, the whole world is so realistic that you wonder how they could actually recreate it for this game.
It’s a open world, which means you can walk around it and do what you want to do in it.
Oros, the land of The Stone Age
The land you will need to survive in this game is called Oros. It was in the central of Europe and it’s the first time that people will fight for land. Mankind was not necessarily at the top of the food chain and had to fight for survival.
The land of Oros is a vast land in which many animals live. But not only animals live in this land, also two other tribes do. All of the three tribes are going to have to fight for their land and claim it for themselves.
Since Takkar is the Beast Master, he is able to tame animals in the game and use them in advantage for fighting animals and the other tribes. You, the player, will need to play as Takkar and survive in the world of Oros.
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Far Cry Primal is the most realistic game that I have ever experienced. This is a survival game and it shows, because you can’t just “buy” your weapons, no you need to craft them yourself. This means you need to find the resources in the world itself : wood, slate and other materials can be found in Oros. But you can find plants as well, that you can collect.
Bonfires are places that you can claim to easily travel from one point in the game to another point in the game. This is a good way of fast traveling.
The graphics of the game are amazingly realistic. You are directly thrown into the story and the game itself.
If you are looking for a great game and your laptop or desktop can run the game, buy this game, it’s absolutely worth it !

Wesley Regenbogen