Friday, September 24, 2021

Game Review: Harem Hotel

By Nydia Tungsten

First off let me warn you that this is another NSFW game, (Yes it means there is porn in them thar hills and DON'T LOOK ETHELLLL!) Now that the children are out of the room...
I was given the link to download it and have a look. It starts off kinda slow for an adult game, I was streaming it on my NSFW Discord channel and a few people got bored at left, that’s how slow it starts.
There is only a little music in this game for audio, no actors at all, you read the entire game, but personally, I don’t mind because I enjoy reading. I know some people don’t enjoy reading an entire game. So to those, I will wave you off right here. While I don’t mind reading it is hard to see some of the subtle facial changes on the character’s faces.

Unlike a lot of other ‘3-D’ games, there are many small reactions to watch for. 

It starts off with the death of your grandfather that you barely knew and his wanting to pass on his ‘dream’ of the hotel that he has started from there you start meeting the girls. And finding out more and more about slaves,

You are soon plunged into a world of corrupt government as well as a corrupt church working together in a bad way. I won’t give the plot away because unlike a lot of other adult games this one matters.

In the Harem Hotel you will meet:


Your humble Elf maid, who was recently hired before you inherited the hotel. Lin always aims to please her master in any way she can!


A nerdy girl who was left at your hotel by her father, and she's not too happy about it. But you may just be the person to keep her happy. Without a job, she's willing to do almost anything she can for some extra cash.


A college student who was just kicked out of her house by her strict parents. Finally free from them, she's very eager to explore things she never had the opportunity to.


A college student and friend to Ashley, she's quite experienced and loves to flaunt, especially in public. She'll do a lot for some attention.

Your Android

Created by your grandfather, and there before you joined the Hotel, his project now belongs to you! Her name is up to you and she comes with some very useful commands. Buy her parts and upgrades to unlock some very interesting events.

Felicity & Emma

Cheerleaders, clones, and bitchy. Felicity is the boss wherever she goes, and Emma loves to follow the boss, whoever that may be…

This religious girl was born with a body made from sin. However hard she may try to hide it, it's painfully obvious. Her lack of knowledge and embarrassment of everything lewd will just make her corruption even sweeter.
And more coming!

More unique girls will be added in future updates to allow for even more fetishes.

As the story progresses you learn more and more about the slavery of elves and how bad their lives truly are, you also get to learn about the girls themselves and each ones back story, to the point you start to really care about them and you can feel your emotions react to each adventure they stumble into.

The story itself is very captivating, well written and you can easily lose yourself in it. By itself, it could be a stand-alone Manga… if it weren’t for all the graphic sex, there is a LOT of that. There are repeatable events. And a lot of the sex is just, the same thing word for word. But the creator has said that this is a Work in progress and they plan on taking care of that to make it not so much the same.

There are certain levels you need to raise in the girls to move the story along


As those go up you can go on into the adventure.

Overall I have to admit I have enjoyed this game greatly and plan on following it.

How do you get it? Since it is not on steam you have to look for it, I found it and I was surprised, it wasn’t some adult corp. Wanting a huge price tag for it. You can pay what you feel you can afford, even free, download it and enjoy it here is the link:

Good gaming to you!

Nydia Tungsten