Monday, April 20, 2020

World of Warcraft: Quest For Vulpera

By Bixyl Shuftan

Some of my Second Life friends have been going at Warcraft lately. The objective: to go about the game as a foxy character: one of the Vulpera.

Clever and resourceful, the vulpera have survived amidst the harsh desert of Vol'dun for generations. Traveling in close-knit caravans, they watch out for each other as they scavenge supplies from across the dunes. Despite their small stature, they are fierce and cunning in battle, bringing down any enemy foolish enough to underestimate them. Now full-fledged members of the Horde, their wagons have left the sands in search of adventure.

The Vulpera are not a regular race that one can simply play from the start, but an "Allied Race." This means one has to unlock certain achievements to be able to play one. For the Vulpera, this means as a Horde character, doing several things. (1) Go to the continent of Zandalar to the desert of Vol'dun (which you'll be doing anyway as part of a couple quests), complete enough storylines to get the achievement "Secret in the Sands." (2) Unlocking World Quests by getting the three footholds in Kul Tiras in the Horde's War Campaign , reaching "Freindly" with all three major factions on Zandalar, and hitting Level 120 (this will change sometime in the future). (3) Do enough quests, to reach Exalted status with the Voldunai faction.

So many of my gaming friends, including some whom had been playing mostly Alliance Worgen, have been trying to get a Vulpera. This included some starting up a new Horde guild. Yours truly went ahead and started up a Demon Hunter character to get a head start in being able to try to get these achievements.  I finally got to the "Battle of Azeroth" level, which is the current version of the game, and the quests took me to the two continents the action takes place, Zandalar and Kul Tiras. With lots of gaming (and egging on by certain friends), I finally did steps one and two. Now comes the long haul, the grind of world quests to raise my status among the Voldunai from Friendly to Honored to Revered to Exalted.

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I'm not sure how long it will take to finally be able to be foxy in Warcraft as well as in Second Life.  Only that it will probably be a while. They're not very big compared to some characters, about to my Tauren character's waist (or "anklebiters" as my friend Jasmine called them). But as most of us know, big surprises can come in small packages. I've seen a number of Vulpera shamans, mages, priests, rouges, and monks as player characters. Which one will I choose? I still have plenty of time to think on it.

To certain friends (you know who you are) don't worry, I'll eventually get there.

Bixyl Shuftan

Addition: It seems there's one more thing to do after you the things I mentioned, complete a questline for the final step

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