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Game Review: The Fiery Scion

 By Nydia Tungsten

The Fiery Scion is an AVN (Adult Visual Novel) that I found on the internet. Now before anyone goes running for the tar and pitchforks, Yes it has nudity in it, yes it has sexual content, and yes it can be a bit explicit, but if you know me, you know that is not what draws me to this type of game. I enjoy the story, before you start rolling your eyes, let me explain.

 I am not afraid of sex, nor do I shy away from stories that have it, but I do insist it has a good story. There are a LOT of games out there that have sex as their main theme, those I find a bit… meh.

But I do enjoy a good story, and I  have always enjoyed a good visual novel as a kid.

The Fiery Scion is a good example of a good story and the sex has a reason for it.

Demons have cursed the humans in this feudal world where very few males are being born, so it is a matter of keeping the human race alive.

The game starts with the main character (default name Henri) finishing his mage training so he can finally leave the mage tower after training for 13 years

You leave the tower to work with your teacher, the lord of that territory, the infamous “Black Mage”  Athagan, who helped in defeating the Demon lord, but with a terrible price, the loss of his… “Manhood”

 Throughout the game, you go against bandits, beasts, demons, Plague spawn, and even elves, but you are able to turn the elves around into allies.

But first, you build your adventurer team with three lovely ladies with different talents each.

Kes, the raven-haired Archer can thread a needle with one of her arrows.

Monica, the red-haired tavern owner/potion maker/healer.

And last but not least Erika, the bronze-skinned heavy-hitting front-line fighter is afraid of nothing.

There is a plague called the “Withering” (that reminds me of something in Minecraft, I kept waiting for someone to say they have been “withered”, never happened though)

They also have great-looking weapons like this

The wedding ceremonies look great too, I will add the picture, censored of course, IF it passes past Bix.

If not well... Bix had a heart attack and removed the picture.

The downside is most of the breast animations remind me of balloons filled with jello and slinkies. And some of the others look like they are played in fast-forward, which does detract from the overall immersion of the story.

I don’t want to get into too much of the story because it is a visual novel, a true one, not one of those that say it is then makes you make all those choices and changes the ending you get (I hate those).

If you like fantasy stories and don’t mind a lot of sex scenes you might want to look at this one.

Here is the link there is a part one and two, so make sure you get both of them.

If you play/read it please let me know what you think, if I get enough response and a few more updates I can revisit this one and discuss some opinions.

Until next time, GOOD GAMING TO YOU!

Nydia Tungsten
Editor's Note: Nydia had a black bar over the last picture, though it was slightly smaller. So no, no heart attack *grins*    

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