Friday, May 23, 2014

Game Review: Wildstar's Open Beta

By Nydia Tungsten

I was able to start playing "Wildstar" a few months ago, but stopped since it had so many quest glitches in it. It was in beta and I understood that, but they did have a few too many for me to enjoy it at that time so I stopped playing for a while. Just this past weekend, they had the open beta before release like "Elder Scrolls Online" did BUT, unlike ESO, Wildstar had fixed all the quest glitches that still plagued ESO when they were about to release.

As the main story line goes, you are trying to either take the planet from a bunch of rabble or defend your home from the evil empire, depending on which side you chose. It is kind of like another game where you have two sides vying for control of a world and I am sure most of you have played one (WOW or SWTOR for example) but the characters are more animated “Cutesy” if you will, not that it’s a bad thing, I LIKE the way my character looks, but I saw a few comments about them being too “Cartoonish” so it is all in personal taste.

You need to choose a race and path i.e. Hunter, engineer, etc., etc. and depending on your class depends on the type of solo quests you get. But most are the generic quests everyone gets i.e. kill this many such and such or rescue that many of those whatever.

But the scripting is done with a definite lean towards “cutesy” so some of the “Hard core” gamers may not like it, but over all I enjoyed my experience with it and I give it a thumbs up.

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Until next time …GAME ON!

Here are a few game trailers let me know what you think.

Meet the Dominion:

Meet the Exiles

Dirty Little Secrets

Nydia Tungsten

Image Credit: Gamepressure, MMORPG, Gamebreaker

Editors Note: I gave the game a try with one character of each faction: an Aurin stalker (ninjalike) settler, and a Chua engineer scientist. I ended up playing for quite a while. I also give it my thumbs up. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a single screenshot of my progress.

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