Monday, June 2, 2014

Game Review: "The Wolf Among Us"

By Nydia Tungsten

When I first saw the game load up, the graphics reminded me a lot of “Borderlands,” a little darker, but overall pleasant to look at. You play the lead character “B. Wolf” as in the Big Bad Wolf from all the fairy tales. But he is the sheriff of a fable community, so he is a good guy now….or is he?

 Have you ever read one of those “You choose the ending” books where every decision you make affects the story’s outcome?  Welcome to “The Wolf Among Us” where you try and solve which fable is killing others. All the fables have moved into a “Mundy” city and try to fit in. They try to look like the Mundy, the Mundane inhabitants of the city, by using “Glamor” spells to change their appearance to look like and blend in with the locals.

What I find appealing about the game is you can make decisions like you would in your life. Your friend can play how they feel it should be played and when you get together, it would seem you were talking about two different games because every decision you make changes the outcome of the game. There are thousands upon thousands of possibilities.

And like a good book, you get caught up in the story line and find it is hard to quit until you reached the end of the chapter. But with this, when you do reach the end of the chapter, it will show you the decisions of everyone else that has played and the percentage where you fall into.

You get to work with some of the other characters such as Snow White, Ichabod Crane, Toad, Red Riding Hood, and even the Woodsman. But not everything is how it seems as you travel down the rabbit hole. You will see plot twists and character twists like you have never seen before. Unfortunately, there are only three chapters of the game available for now. I have played all three of them and loved them.

You would think a game full of fairy tales would be great for the kids, but not this one. I cannot stress far enough for this is definitely *NOT* a child’s game. From the language and violence to the nudity and strong sexual theme, I would urge parents to play it themselves first before handing it over to little Johnny or Susie.

But, over all, I LOVED the game and can’t wait to when chapter 4 comes out. I highly recommend the game to anyone that likes a little violence in their stories with some great plot twists.

 Here are some links to my play through, but I feel I must do this:

*WARNING* The following links do contain strong language and violence!
(So, if you’re easily offended, it is your own fault for looking)

And the full play through can be found here:

I give this game high marks and a thumbs up, but tell us what YOU think, what do you like  or dislike about it and like always…


Nydia Tungsten

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