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Reader Submitted: Game Review - Subnautica, Part Three

By Rita Mariner

(Continued from Part Two)

In the SUBNAUTICA storyline, you will get a series of radio messages from a starship Sunbeam.  They will finally determine that they need to come to Planet 4546B to rescue you.  They will send coordinates of where it is they want you to meet them. It's about 1.5 km from your Lifepod.  Hopefully by now you will have secured yourself a Seamoth, it makes the trip much faster and safer.  You will be a bit surprised when you reach the island and see what awaits you there.  You will be even more shocked when you see that it blasts the Sunbeam from the sky, right in front of you.  You will have to explore around the building, to locate, up to three new Purple Tablets.  You can then enter and explore the alien facility and learn the awful truth.  YOU'RE INFECTED!  You can't leave the planet because of that. Seems the entire planet is quarantined, due to a deadly bacteria, called Kharaa. So NO ONE is allowed on or off the planet, as long as they are infected!

What do you do? Follow the clues to a possible cure?  Your just one lone survivor and these precursors, with all this tech, were not able to solve this problem, over 1000 years ago. Plus they left these nasty enforcer units behind, called Warpers, to hunt and kill any infected individuals.  Your life just went from piss poor, to now it sucks bad.  Personally, I use the Subnautica wiki to help me locate wrecks and lifepods that have stuff I need or the coordinates don't popup on my PDA.  I put each wreck on a piece of paper and list the various fragments and or Databoxes they contain.  I then use the F1 key to show me the planet coordinates of where I am and move to the spot I need to go to collect the items I need.  Remember you will need a laser cutter for most of the stuff, to access it and also WATCH YOUR AIR,  unless your using the Rebreather, over 100m down you suck your O2 Tank dry fast.

That is one of the first things you will be prompted to do is go back onto the Aurora and repair the damaged drive core and stop the radiation leakage.  That will allow you then to dump the Radiation suit and wear the Rebreather and Reinforced Dive suit, once you find it.  You will need a Propulsion Cannon, Scanner, Laser Cutter, Repair Tool, Fire Extinguishers, Med Pacs. I take my Seamoth over, but be careful how you approach the Aurora wreck, a Reaper lurks there.  I have two storage modules on it, since there are some collectibles on the wreck, if you want them, Lab Gear, posters, Bags, batteries, med packs, model of the ship.  There is also a complete set of Prawn Suit fragments to scan. You will need 4 different access codes to the various doors, you get them off PDAs or the radio message you receive. Codes will be needed for Lab, Cargo, Cabin 1 and Captain's Cabin. I find the low entrance, clear it, killing nasties that try to eat you.  You will get to the Lab and a couple of terminals with data that need downloading.  Lots of collectibles in Lab.

After you clear the two areas on the lower space.  I return to the Seamoth, empty my inventory of collectibles and then swim over to the left a bit farther and walk up the wreck that leads to the upper entrance.  You will find storage lockers along the way, as well as more nasties.  Check them, many have batteries, you might need and med pacs, you will need.  You will walk around a curved piece of metal and onto a deck that leads to the airlock opening.  Pickup the fire extinguisher you find on the way.. Use them as you need them, but sparingly.  Only where you need to get through to where you need to be. Hit Administration first, get the data there and what items you can collect or scan.  Then move to Cargo Bay.  Check the Cargo Bay for anything you can use, or scan.  Next stop, Seamoth Bay, PDA there and a Depth Module, have your knife handy from here on out a very vicious nasty lurks the the wreck, called a Bleeder. Next stop the Locker Room, need Laser Cutter.  Search the room for PDAs you will get the needed access codes for the rooms upstairs, plus more batteries and med pacs.  The out the other door and up to Prawn Bay, here you need to put out the fire, so you can get close enough to repair the door control. and open it. 

Now you have hit payday, inside you will find all the Prawn Suit fragments you need, but you will need to put down enough of the fires to get to some of them. Also kill the fires enough to grab a Storage module.  You will then clear one of the stairs so you can proceed upstairs. Upstairs is crews quarters, first stop is cafe or storage room.  Cafe you need to kill the fires then scan anything in there you don't have, pickup another extinguisher, PDA and poster. the you can go right or left and search the rooms.  Some you will need to put out fires.  Search each room for anything you can scan or collect, PDA, battery, Med Pac, poster, bag, etc. Here you will find Cabin 1 and the Captain's Cabin. I find I need to make two trips, to the Seamoth,  if I want to grab and take all the collectibles from the crew's quarters.  The Captain's Cabin is where you get the detailed info for your escape rocket. 

Once I have cleaned out all the cabins, I will head back down to hallway outside the Locker Room and head towards the Drive Room.  Put out the fire blocking your way. Proceed to the station, grab the Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module.  You will know see the problem, large holes in the reactor walls.  You scan them and hit each one with your repair tool. Keep your knife handy as you try to repair the breaches, the Bleeders will be sucking you dry. So while you have you repair tool running, keep your finger ready to bring up your knife, to slice and dice, any Bleeder that attaches itself to you.  I think there are like 13 breaches you need to repair, so it will take some time. Once you have sealed up the Drive Core breaches your done with the Aurora, grab your loot, head back to base and party.  You can now dump you radiation Suit and wear the Rebreather.  Plus the Reinforced Dive suit, when you get the plans.

To be continued

Rita Mariner

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